Music in your class

We love to music in our classes, here Dawn tells us what works for her, let us know what works for you.

You know your participants and tend to know what & ‘pushes their buttons’ with
regards to music but it always worth throwing them a curve ball once in a while. My
daytime demographic love the 60s, 70s and 80s but every now and again I’ll put on
some Salsa music and make the class a little more dance based for a change. In
the evenings my classes respond more to the 90s and noughties but they still sing
along to Abba.
One thing I keep the same whatever music I play is the tempo. I like it upbeat. It
motivates people to move whether they can keep up with it or not and the majority of
the time they do. So don’t be afraid to crank it up a bit and see how they respond.