Welcome to H2O Fit

Sarah H2o FitHi,

Thanks for checking out our website and blog, let me introduce myself. I am Sarah Booth, the training and development director for H2O Fit, basically that means I wrote the courses.

I have been teaching aqua classes for over 12 years having been in the fitness industry for 16 years. I set up H2O Fit to share my passion of teaching aqua classes with other fitness professionals. I specifically wrote the Shallow water with noodles instructor course because I wanted all instructors who came on our courses to be able to teach a class with the most popular form of equipment with confidence upon completing our course.

I want the studio instructors to join us on poolside and see how much fun teaching water based classes can be, by teaching them the benefits of exercising in water and how versatile water based classes can be for all levels of fitness, age, size and ability.

I have a great team of tutors behind me who all have a passion for water based fitness, who are full of amazing ideas for workshops and class formats and who want to help train our student to be the best aqua instructors out there.