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All H2o fit tutors are highly qualified, experienced, passionate water based exercise professionals.

Sarah has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years and taught aqua aerobics classes for over 10 years. After working as an aqua aerobics tutor for over 6 years Sarah developed her own training programme H2o Fit. Sarah is passionate about water exercise and the education of its benefits for both instructors and participants.

Sarah H2o Fit


David has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years and has been an aqua aerobics instructor for over 5 years. With experience in both public and private clubs David has delivered classes to a wide range of participants as well as specialist rehabilitation sessions.

David H2o Fit


Cheryl is qualified in all aspects of teaching swimming and water based exercise. She is a qualified assessor and has been tutoring aqua courses for over 7 years as well as regularly teaching classes in private pools and leisure centres.

Cheryl - H2o Fit


Dawn has been teaching Aqua classes since 2001 Her approach to water based exercise is dynamic and diverse and she is constantly using different ways to train participants to their full potential. She believes that with the right kind of tools you can deliver exciting and challenging sessions.

Dawn - tutor


Lorah has been teaching Aqua classes for around 5 years. Lorah says ‘ I absolutely love teaching Aqua classes. I love the freedom that being in the water gives people with joint issues. I also love the workout you can get whilst in the water – it can be a crazy fat burner! I am also a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Swimming Teacher Tutor, First Aid Instructor, and a Scuba Diving Instructor”.